Falling from Grace

grace2Falling from grace… its real. How can you fall from grace? Well it has nothing to do with religion or religious practices. It’s all about keeping balance with the “Universe” and knowing your value. Many might think they are small in this universe, but no one is small in relation to a billion star universe. Similar to a machine we are all microscopic gears in that machine and our presence matters. You matter. You have been taking up volume and space since you were a cell. Calculate the combined collective volume you have been using since then till now. Count the miles you’ve walked. Count the amount of breaths you took. Count everything you bought, build, or modified; because they are all your marks in this universe.

Now I think I gave a few starters to try and agree on the fact that we all matter no matter how insignificant we see ourselves we take up huge space each of us in our collective lives. Now here is the point I’m trying to reach: We matter and therefore we matter to the “Higher Being” call Him God, the Universe, Science, or Mother Nature. Where there is life, there is balance. I believe that this “Higher Being” will always keep the balance. Balance not as in 50-50 good and bad items happening in your life, balance as in everyone getting their fair share eventually and in perspective. Sometimes I feel that the universe is against me, you know just one of those days where nothing right happens and you start thinking why me? or when will I get my break? the thing is everything will happen to you sooner or later or you wouldn’t be alive in the first place. When you take a break… well that might happen this life, the next, or anytime in between. The balance of the universe decides when is the right time.

To truly fall from grace is to truly lose yourself, your value, and your purpose. Being alive alone is without value or purpose, being alive is being a consumer of space, resources, and time. To live that’s another issue where you are closest to grace, where you make a difference, and finally where you leave your mark on this planet/universe and/or on others.


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