Nine Inch Nails – Something I Can Never Have

NIN“You make this all go away” well… you as in my happiness taking away all my pain and sorrow …sure. I get this feeling, usually triggered with tracks such as the one in the title, this feeling of sadness and emptiness not only in my life but on a country-wide level. A feeling of precious life being wasted, a feeling of being amidst tens of people yet so alone, a feeling of sadness when you look at the driver next to you and knowing exactly how their life is going because that path we are all stuck on too.

My life is the typical spoiled brat type that has everything materialistic except true genuine happiness, hence me writing this blog. I can taste the happiness I felt years ago going on vacation for the summer, yet this year the same vacation is so barren and dry. Going to the beach on a nice humid yet cold breezed summer day was such an experience back in the day. You could feel the happiness and the overall aurora from everyone around you. You can taste the salty sea air a good distance from the beach. Everything is the same as back in the day but the happiness is gone, now why is that? the locations and people never changed, but maybe something inside us all changed overtime and it is not that we matured and grew older. Something deep inside us all was intoxicated slowly till is was gradually wiped out of existence. Maybe it’s the inner child in us all, maybe it’s our society rapidly changing norms and trends, maybe its our out-dated culture taking effect, maybe many things because there are just too many factors and variables involved. Many would argue a plain reason to this and that is that as people grow older their work takes over their life, and maybe they’re correct but one thing I know for sure is if anyone wants to do something enough, they will find a way to do it. So having a full time job doesn’t mean you can’t go on a small vacation.

If you still have value for something, you’ll always find a way to do it without excuses. So the main idea of this post in case I went all over the place is…We all have what makes us “Happy”, yet we don’t achieve that happiness doing things we normally did before, think out loud with me and in the comments below lets try to pin-point possible reasons behind this.


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