Peace Be Upon You

peaceSalamo Alekom (Peace Be Upon You), but that is not what I intend to make this post about. Today I took my grandmother who is 75 years old to the hospital to do several scans to make sure she doesn’t have cancer because she has water in her lungs…which apparently could be caused by cancer. I was petrified. She was not. The peace in her eyes, in her body language, and the content she had to tackle any scan result was impressive. It wasn’t that she didn’t care about what would happen to her, she cared a lot. The strength this woman has… and the inner peace…well a book can be written just about that topic alone. The tension that Egyptian hospitals create is truly unbearable. Hospitals here are by far some of the most ominous dark places you’ll ever see. To check on why my grandmother has water in her lungs we had to do an Echo scan, a Sonar scan, a Doplar scan, and a collective blood test. Each scan took at least one day to get done, and to request a doctor to interpret the scan results takes few more days. It’s already been 4 days doing scans and getting their results and next week several doctors will interpret the scan results. The suspense is real, yet I see peace in her.  She already had cancer twice before and she conquered them. She isn’t afraid this third potential time and she is ready to fight again like she has before. I hope I can be as strong as she is, I hope I can tackle the worst this world has to offer with a calm and clear mind. I hope peace be upon us all as it always has been upon her.


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