Routine Catalog

catalogsRoutine, well that’s one of the best topics to talk about regarding depression. As much as routine will help you reach your long term goals, you need to preserve yourself through that journey or it intoxicates you slowly. Personally everything in my life became a routine to the extent that I’d rather stay at home in the tub doing nothing. I know exactly what will happen if I meet with this particular person, I know what my family will start debating every time there is a family gathering, I know what’s waiting for me the moment I enter my work office, I even know what I will do at home 6-12 hours before I even get there. People are so predictable and boring. Rarely can I have an intellectual conversation with someone…I know exactly what a person calling my mobile wants the second I see their name on caller ID. I truly lost all value regarding my social life, and I’m swirling in to the abyss of depression because of that. But why is it so? Am I too arrogant to include myself in groups or society? I’m honestly not sure, but I know I’m tired. Tired of being slow. I like everything fast paced and to the point. If there’s one thing I would wish for right now it is to fast forward my life to a stable stage instead of this transitional stage. I wish it were that easy. I wish my catalog wasn’t such a mystery to me. I must admit, this depression brought me a certain calmness and observant state of mind; but I’m not happy. Too much of anything is definitely not good. So I guess this blog is one of the things I’ll be doing at random times when ever I feel enriched with emotion to write. Try to change up your routine catalog at any cost. Keep in mind that your state of mind is super significant for your happiness, so don’t fall in to depression, change things up.


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