Scheme For Boundaries?

fenceThis topic was very significant for me because the boundaries that I failed to build with my family almost cost me the love of my life. Sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing is far more devastating in its effects than being rash or unreasonable. In other words I had to learn the hard way that I have to make certain decisions in life, and to be a “Man” all I needed to do was back these decisions 100%. A “Man” isn’t his car, his money, his shelter, or even his decisions. A “Man” is HOW he backs up his decisions. Boundaries need to be build not to segregate yourself from others but to make it clear to others that this is where you draw the line and this is when they shouldn’t be surprised when you back up your decisions and take action. This easily goes for women too. Decide on your moral limits, your personal space limitations, and what YOU as a person stand for; and never stay quiet when any of these are intruded upon.

Now, personally in my opinion any relationship weather its with another person or with yourself it is all dependent on communication skills. Communication has to be a two way road or else when faced with a relationship issue  you’ll find yourself fighting alone. Communication is key. SO let’s say you set your boundaries, if these boundaries are bypassed by anyone how will you react? Will you loose your temper? Will you just go full psycho? Well that’s all up to you and how you conduct yourself as a respectable being. I personally loose it every single time, even my voice deepens and I do turn full psycho on certain matters which isn’t in any bit civilized. But when I sat down and wrote on paper what matters to me, everything changed. The power of your will is so much more empowering when you have a physical list of what you stand for and what matters to you. It can be your health, your social life, your personal issues, can be anything of any value to you. Just write them down, and make mental values to each so you can react accordingly when their boundaries are broken.

Let me make this clear, I do not intend to segregate myself via my boundaries, all I’m saying is you need to be fully aware of what really matters to you so you can defend its value to you accordingly. Life is all value, one decade something has all the value in the world, the next decade it has no value what so ever. Defend its value to keep it alive.


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