Stuck in Transition

transitionsLife is all about stages, think of it as elementary, middle, and high school; except life has a lot more stages than just 3. Each stage has lessons learnt, midterm examinations, and final examinations. Once the lesson is learnt or failed the universe decides if you are ready to move to the next stage. I say universe as a synonym for “God” no matter your beliefs and no matter the exact name you call the being that we all believe in that keeps balance. (God, god, science, universe, or nature) Doesn’t really matter the name as long as the concept is universal in us all. Each stage is a slow area where you are given signs and omens to learn from and to make you stronger. At this point you can do what every student does: Focus very hard on your semester keeping note of every word your teacher says knowing it can be said once and brought as a surprise question in the final, or you can have fun. We’ve all had that “fun” time where you just don’t have the energy or care to focus. Same with both choices goes with life, you can focus or you can have fun. You can’t skip stages because if you skip or go ahead to the next stage when you aren’t meant to that’s when issues start happening and in my opinion you’re life turns in to a limbo of one stage. Here are some examples of limbo stages: Rushing into a marriage not ready resulting in a divorce, not being able to control your income and spending resulting in a constant financial dilemma, sticking to the wrong friends resulting in horrible habits being a constant stage for you, believing you’re a victim all the time, etc…

In my opinion these stages should take their time to teach you but they shouldn’t ever take up all or the rest of your life. In other words if you live 100 years learning for 10 years at a time then you should stay on that course for the rest of your life rather than 10-10-10-10-10-50. That last 50 years is where something went wrong and you got stuck in a limbo lasting 50 years. Life is composed of stages that don’t end but each stage won’t last long because as the famous quote goes “Life goes on”. Us humans are all flawed, we will fall in to limbo sometimes and it’s only natural. The trick is to get out of limbo without letting it consume you so you can move on with your life. You are the commander of the armada that it you. Every armada is destined to be  in motion and not docked. Don’t get stuck in transition between stages for too long, don’t let one stage consume you, and don’t fall into a limbo that consumes the rest of your life.

I’ll say it again, I’m not a perfect person and I’m not in a position to give any qualified help to others. All I can do is to document the hard learned lessons that helped me take a slightly bigger peek at the bigger picture that is life.


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