Triple Crossroads?

crossroadsMy road, well I don’t know where it goes yet but I know which direction I want it to go. For me I split it in to three parallel routes all leading to the same destination and that is my struggle for my scheme for paradise. Its physically impossible to travel to three different destinations at the same time, and that is exactly what I plan to do.

My first route and destination is my Happiness. I left med school for Mass Communication because I thought that would make me happy to do what I like for the rest of my life rather than to do something that felt indirectly forced upon me. My personal happiness comes number one in my life because without that I have nothing; I give nothing value without my personal happiness connected to every factor in my life. My happiness is my drive to live this life. Without my happiness, I’m living someone else’s life, someone else’s “Master Plan” when in the end all I’m doing is dying. (The previous sentence was from a music video for David Guetta, I forget the name of the track xD) This might sound very wrong, but I am very greedy regarding my own happiness. Ultimately it sounds right, but I’m sure subconsciously your mind directs you to another path depending on the way you’re brought up and your cultural/social norms.

My second route and destination is my Family. I want to be happy without the ultimate cost of loosing my family. I don’t want to sell out and leave my third world country to find success abroad and lose my family on that path. No, I want to grow and nourish through my family all the way. Everyone wants to be independent and in Egypt culturally parents do the biggest mistake of over pampering their kids without giving them the independence and freedom to live life. A hybrid lifestyle should be done where there is balance between being pampered and actually living your life. Its like being divorced where the children always loose. Both parents want to buy their kid’s love and in doing so they don’t see how much they hurt their kids in the end. Family isn’t a competition, family is your backbone. Family is where you go when you have no where else to go mentally.

My third and final route is my Love. The person I want to dedicate my life to share my happiness and my family with. The person I would be honored to extend my family with. My second backbone, my second mental stabilizer, and my second half. Love is something special whose journey to find is just as tough as finding true happiness; happiness that brings you value to everything around you. Love to me is something that no one can take from you, and something that neither family nor anyone can interfere with.

My challenge is to maintain all three routes equally and to hopefully discover a fourth divine route; the religious route.


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