Why Always Me?

why meAdmit it we’ve all had our victimized moments, and God knows I’m a drama queen when it comes to feeling like the victim. The truth is I was never a victim and every event that made me think so actually ended up helping me out somehow. Here’s a major example… now that I think of it the most time I felt like a victim and actually tried to commit suicide was when I couldn’t get in to Medical school due to very…random reasons? I couldn’t get in to one university because I just didn’t make it in time, another university I couldn’t get in to because the president (Who was going to give me a free pass in) died almost 2-3 days before I was planning to apply, another university I didn’t match their required school grades by exactly 0.25%, another university the Minister of Education was a family member who was going to get me in; well he got removed after the revolution did its toll on removing all ministers corrupt or not. Going in to Medical School might not seem significant to you, but to me…to my culture… it was. Here in Egypt if you aren’t a Doctor, Engineer, or a Lawyer, you are non-existent. Sub-human even. My father is a doctor, and his father… and the heritage goes on for generations. Anyway not to get away from my point, I felt like a victim and no matter which perspective you look from that’s how it will naturally seem. Little did I know that all these events… some how… magically lead me to finding the love of my life…they also lead me to discover where my talents truly are, a year later where I decided to join Mass Communication and pursue my talents in multi media editing and directing.

Never say “Why Always Me?”, and don’t ask God either why always you 😀 Just trust that everything falls in to place sooner or later. Trust that no matter how low you get, even if you reach rock bottom the only way left for you to go is UP. When I was young, the only thing that truly scared me was the dark. One day home alone… I was probably 7-8 years old, I was walking to my kitchen and the electricity cut. I was standing right in the middle of my house…pitch black with a lot of space around me. It was at that moment that I got all these scary and horrific imaginations of someone or something that will us this perfect time to kill me. It is also at that moment where I completely froze and waited for my 100% sure of fate. Nothing happened. I realized that if there is someone or something that is out to get me, let it be. This isn’t me giving up on myself or my health but me accepting that if it’s meant to be then let it be.

If something negative happens, then one second later it is in the past. People that dwell on the past don’t really have a bright future. Just accept that one second past and instead of dragging yourself down even more, try to get up right after being knocked down. Give everything its value from your time, so give any negative event that happens to you one second of your time, then once that drama is done move on by learning to keep mental notes so you don’t repeat mistakes or reactions to events.

Why Always Me? I won’t go and tell you to be grateful because children in Africa have no legs and you’re here complaining and acting like a victim. No, I’ll tell you say “Thank God This Happened To Me”.


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