Why This Blog Name?

questionHello, this is very awkward just knowing that someone is going to be reading this and hopefully really understanding where I’m coming from with what I type here and why it’s significant for me. The simple definition of scheme is “A large-scale systematic plan or arrangement for attaining some particular object or putting a particular idea into effect.” and paradise, well that’s well known. Much like stereotypes, the definition of scheming really depends on its context, and the context I’m referring to for how I define scheming is a very unique one built on 25 years of experiences good and bad. The above definition is 100% correct and effective on a surface level, so let me dedicate this whole blog to make my own definition backed up with personal experiences as to how I plan to scheme my way to my own paradise. Oh, my name is Ahmed Emad from Cairo and I’m 25 years old which shouldn’t really matter at all, because with all my experiences accumulating to quarter of a century living, I’m still learning. It is very true that in this world you’re either a sheep or a wolf, but that’s also on a very  surfaced level of thinking… black and white without any grey area. I personally consider myself a shepherd. A person who enjoys helping others, a person who is probably on the wrong path but would gladly help others find their right path, a person who enjoys watching others argue, and a person who truly believes the loudest person in the room is the weakest.

Well, that was a little bit about me, before I get side tracked as usual let me explain briefly what I define Paradise as: Basically when I was young I associated paradise with particular locations, usually summer time locations such as the North Coast beach. Everything for me as a young boy had association and had to be connected with something else. For young Ahmed the only time of happiness was associated with one North Coast location, the only time of tension and frustration was associated with school, the only time of freedom to move was associated with my bike, etc… What I came to learn overtime was that to truly live your life, everything should be associated to you. It doesn’t matter where you are, who you’re with, or what your financial situation is. As long as you associate everything and every emotion with yourself, you will start to actually appreciate the value of everything around you instead of being shocked to discover that what you gave full associations with are loosing their value to you over time. Paradise could have many meanings, for me inner paradise or peace are the same.


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