That Magical Place


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A place where everything can be described as home, a placed to remember even if you’re away for decades, Egypt. Even though Egypt is exactly that ugly girlfriend you always wanted because she has a great personality, she will always be your priceless rare girlfriend. Love is blind. No offense to girls in general, I’m just trying to be honest… switch it with that weak skinny ugly boyfriend if you like 🙂

SO lets start with the veggies: Egypt is the type of country where its dog eat dog. Its the type where “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but on a nation-wide literal level. I’m talking about a country where it’s citizens are super strong mentally and I can go far to say they go beyond natural human levels of stress management. This is one of those countries where everything makes you stronger. Toxic air, unhealthy oily food, daily mental stress, suicidal driving, zero public cleanliness, zero governmental professionalism, some basic human rights missing, animal cruelty on a mass level, unstable weather, corruption on a national level, power and authority abuse, the list goes on… Everything negative about Egypt does make you stronger biologically and on a cognitive level as well. I’m sure Egyptians have mutated lungs and stomachs to maintain living conditions with such toxic air to breath and unhealthy food. Suicidal driving, well anyone whose been to Egypt would understand but let me make it easier for non Egyptians to imagine: Driving in Egypt is exactly like bumper cars in the arcade but not the bumping part, the part where you feel safe to confidently over take a 12 wheeler without fear of gruesome death. Food… well Egypt has a lot of culture in its food alone, and most foods are cooked with lard. I’m not talking normal lard nor normal amounts; I’m talking a Shawerma sandwich that needs 2 plastic bags to hold it. One bag for the sandwich itself and the other for the dripping oils. But to be honest the food in general is so tasty and impressive that Egyptians do not have normal eating routines like most of the world who eat not when they feel hunger and stop eating when they are half full. No, Egyptians wait till they are starving to eat, and when they eat…they EAT. Everything in front of you has to be taken out of existence. The stress is something else in Egypt, some people don’t know what they will eat that same day, many are knees deep in debt, and in general almost everything in Egypt moves slow so the stress levels are always at their peak. In Egypt you can call a cab… to find a cab driver picking his nose and who may or may not take you to your destination depending on if it’s convenient for them first. So we agree there are many negative features that make up Egypt, but for stars to shine there must be darkness.

Now lets talk about some of the good stuff in Egypt, all the juicy stuff that makes Egypt home. It’s people are the most welcoming you will ever see. 2 years ago I had a huge personal issue at my home, so I decided to leave home at 4 in the morning and who did I go to? I went to my girl friends house. I knocked on their door and luckily they were awake, when they saw me they knew something was wrong but never the less they welcomed me in and offered me some tea and biscuits. They never even thought “DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!?” no they welcomed me in at such an inappropriate time…The general goodness in Egyptians is worth experiencing sometime in your life if you aren’t already an Egyptian or in Egypt. There are many unspoken rules: If a friend needs my help I’ll leave everything I’m doing and go to them, if you’re invited you must eat everything presented to you and your host is obligated to refill your plate without accepting any rebuttal, seeing someone who needs help in public is a must even though psychologically people naturally ignore others in public who need help (Egyptians aren’t naturally bred I’m sure of it), What else makes Egypt so unique? Well lets talk about Egypt as a whole…I bet Egypt has the most natural resources than any other country on earth, but sadly Egypt is just like me full of potential all misplaced and not used correctly. I did this research in high school about the Egyptian Western desert. Lets just say only 3% of this desert is explored. 97% is completely unknown to the world. That mere 3% is abundant in phosphorus, gold, petroleum, and natural gas. And yes the companies that farm and refine all those resources aren’t Egyptian. SO yes Egypt has a lot of…lets call them treasures. Lets not even get started with all the priceless pharoahnic items from which less than 1/3 are discovered in Egypt alone. Egypt also has a lot of human resources including some of the brightest minds on earth. Financially Egypt isn’t a good place to be. but it’s the best sentimentally. It’s where all the real value is aside from everything materialistic. In Turkey and many European countries you can say hello to a random person in public and they won’t bother even looking at you. In Egypt if you say hello in public you’re most likely to be greeted with a smile, a “Peace be Upon You”, and a hand shake too 😀 The next sentence is incomplete and is composed of one word. Family. Family is one of the most important factors in Egyptian life. Families in Egypt are very close even after marriage. Most families don’t believe in Elderly Homes, and they take care of their elders everyday. At least once a week Egyptians usually gather weather its an organized family gathering, co-workers, or friends together. Egyptians aren’t really fond of solitude and segregation at all. Personally I live in a building with my parents at the 17th floor. My grandmother lives at the 21st floor of the same building. The building next to mine is where my first uncle and aunt live and above them in the 16th floor my second grandmother lives. My second uncle and second aunt live in the building next to mine on the other side. That’s how close Egyptians are. It might prove to be annoying sometimes if you’re not good with your family, but Egyptians are mostly very close with their family members. What else makes Egypt so great, I’d say that there are no limits for Egyptians. Few months ago my father got some new air conditioners which need a compressor to be hanged out of the apartment where there is a straight 17 floor drop. The workers who were in charge of installation climbed out of a window with no straps or any form of protection holding a heavy compressor with no fear of death what so ever. Nothing can really stop a determined Egyptian at work. What makes Egypt home for me is the groups weather family or friends. Being together with people who aren’t fake and truly enjoy each other’s presence. People who are free to go crazy together as shown in some of the photos in the album above. People who don’t give a damn what others think…others still stuck in norms and cultural boundaries. I think life in Egypt is so difficult to the extent that you are forced to really appreciate what you have, what no one can take from you… your family and friends. It’s in our blood to have fun and enjoy our frequent gatherings.

Changing gears…I’m very interested in military, air force and navy. The Egyptian Air Force is so… Egyptian… in how they think and structure their forces. Egypt uses a lot of American and Russian fighter jets but Egypt isn’t allowed to use the same fighter jets as first world global powers, you’d think that would stop or limit Egyptians. You’re wrong. On paper the jet fighters Egypt has have a G force limit. So Egypt modifies those Jet fighters, breaks physical g force records with impossible maneuvers during the 6th of October War and from hence forth the world knows that they can’t really study what Egypt has hidden under its sleeves. Egypt looks at the impossible in every field, scratches its chin and says “We’ll make a man out of you yet”. A man has no limits for success, that’s one of the many things I’ve learned from living here.

The previous paragraph was weird and random, but I do like how Egypt makes something out of nothing. Here’s a fun fact… the Egyptian military soldier count legally and on paper are around 4 million Egyptian troops. Another 12 million are in the army unaccounted for document wise. That’s also beyond the fact that God for bit if war breaks in Egypt all males and even females will be fighting for their country for sure. Ah lets talk about Egyptian women… there’s this quote that says “A woman can be more worthy than 100 men”, doesn’t make sense after literal translation but its related to the strength of women in Egypt showing how strong they are in their personalities, thinking, love, and decisions. This has nothing to do with girls maturing before boys and all that, no it’s regarding real life situations and atmospheres where Egyptian women naturally shine. Even though women are sometimes driven by emotions, they can give you the best advice you’ll ever get. Most females in Egypt are already in the “Mothering” role since a young age. Most have either younger brothers or sisters and they are responsible for from a very young age, so they really gain that mother figure thinking which is beyond logic… its more of love than logic. Lets not talk about how much women can sacrifice and how far their love can take them to achieve their or others’ happiness. That deserves a book not a mere blog post. Heck…there should be a case study around Egyptian bred women.

Well..This was part 1 of what that magical place is…more parts to come because Egypt is truly something else. I’d say Egypt is like all of us, still discovering ourselves not knowing all the unearthed treasures that have been within us all along.

(Don’t comment on the picture of the boob sand castle my twin sister nd I built)

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