Dem Masks


Masks, they are something we all do without thinking. It’s that first day of school where the teacher asks a question and you answer it perfectly realizing you now set a particular impression to that teacher about yourself that you will subconsciously have to maintain for the rest of the year. That mask…we put upon ourselves. It might be a product of many variables good and bad, but the mask itself…what is it? Is it really you?

You might have several masks, one with your family, one with your friends, one with your love, one with your co-workers, etc… This can be viewed as white lies. They are wrong but they are right in particular contexts. Even in Islam white lies are good such as telling your wife she is beautiful every now and then. It’s not particularly a LIE, but maybe it wasn’t said genuinely at the time. The same concept goes with masks.  Maybe you want to impress the cutest girl at school, maybe you want to impress your boss at work, maybe you’re wearing a mask to hide an issue, maybe your wearing a mask to help others, who knows…there are tons of reasons to wear a mask; the main question here is what is that mask really? and is it necessary?

5 years ago, to impress my best friend (Who is now my girl friend of 5 years) I told her that I’m basically a “Player” and that I’ve had tons of girlfriends before which is a complete lie. I wore that mask which clouded my judgement and allowed me to state a complete lie which I thought at the time would work for me. It did not and when I figured out that I really like this girl and told her that for the first time in my life…many issues started from jealousy because of that lie I had initially started my relationship upon. That mask can be used towards your benefits, but take care because that mask can really consume you. Can even turn you to a compulsive liar to maintain certain standards with groups or individuals that you have set upon yourself or particular standards than have been set for you by others. The trick is to never let anything consume you. My grandfather is a very wise man, one of the things he told me was that he would never accept anything to take over his day. He was a daily smoker for 40 years straight, once he realized that smoking is taking over his daily life; he actually quit smoking literally that same day. Took him 40 years to realize it, but the impressive part was the dedication and will to actually stop a biological addiction without any reaction from his body due to how determined he was mentally to never get taken over by nay habit. He took of that mask and he fought his body biologically and quit in one day. If you’re thinking “Well..that’s biologically impossible after all those years because your body gets used to that income of nicotine and is impossible to quit instantly” well you’re wrong, anything can be done with the right amount of will behind it.

What would life be without any of these masks?  Would it be difficult? because masks do solve many issues but they can exponentially damage other issues as well. Being in a relationship for 5 years there is one thing very important to me now I’ve learned. That is that no relationship will work if there is 100% honesty. Some things are not meant to be heard. Some things are dark and should be kept hidden or they will feed on the light and grow to something completely different and unexpected. The way I see it for me now, and this is why my relationship is still alive 5 years running, is that in any relationship or in life in general the honesty factor should never go over 80%. Us humans aren’t as genuine as you might think. Believe it or not everyone wears masks. That person you see wearing expensive clothes, driving a Mercedes Benz, married to the sexiest wife, and has 2 beautiful children…well that is a mask because it is guaranteed that that family has their own issues but they also have a certain image to maintain which forces them to wear a mask. This mask can be your lifestyle… it can all be a lie. It can  be a mask worn consciously or subconsciously. There are a lot of possibilities behind these masks…a lot of routes discovered, a lot of mistakes done.

A mask in my opinion is a lie brought to life physically. It can be used in many ways but mostly negatively. It’s a power same as a lie. As a child when you discover that a simple lie can get you out of trouble, how can you not use that? This post may not really give any answers, but I think it raises the right questions that may help us all to realize are we really that genuine? or are we really dead inside wearing masks on the outside?


Today’s track is called “Are You There” by Anathema a doom metal band. It’s funny how a doom metal band can take off that metal mask and produce such a beautiful track.


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