Well.. Just as the title suggests, this topic is all about our inner skeletons…skeletons we hide away all our lives. No one can be free of these skeletons weather they are theirs or others’ skeletons. They are the past, present, and future. They are our inner demons, they are sadly who we are deep inside when that innocent mask is taken off.

Sometimes our skeletons are just too much to bare, and sometimes they cause people to be beyond repair. There is a thin line between sanity and insanity, once that’s crossed there’s no turning back. If you think about it, you’ll realize how cruel this world is. But the reality of it is that we are cruel not this world. You are what you make yourself. Yes, the world has an impact on you and on how you have been shaped. But the most significant impact is always sourced from within you. You change negatively when you stop caring for yourself. You lose your value. Like a chain reaction, everything starts falling apart.

Self respect… wow I never had that but now that I see others loosing it and how they fall face first in to life because of that loss… its scary. Scary to see your future through others’ mistakes. Scary to know that the self value you’ve missed out on can have dogmatic consequences. I’m not talking about outer self value such as your physical appearances, or anything similar to that…No I’m talking about who you really are inside. How beautiful you really are inside. Take a moment now…think about it…who are you from the inside? How are you beautiful and unique to the extent that only one version of the “Inner You” was created? We are all unique, we are all special, and we all have value to ourselves. I pray to God that who ever this blog reaches has the courage to find themselves before it’s too late. I pray that our inner demons and skeletons be faced head on when the time is right.

As you might have noticed, I really stress on our value… our weight as individuals because I truly believe that’s the source of everything good. Everything good starts only from within us, same as everything bad also has to start from within us too. That loss of will, loss of value is what I believe is the trigger from which we give in to the outer demons of the world and turn them to inner demons. Again, they can only occur if you give in and loose your value and will to fight yourself for that value.

Some people are just completely unfortunate. Not only have they lost their inner value and will to defend that…they constantly get corrupted by the worlds outer demons. They are corrupted with the complete filth of this world. How can a person…broken…cheap…and filthy on the inside change? Is it as simple as “Returning to God”? I don’t know. Can a person just so simply turn their back to the filth canopying their mind constantly? I have many questions and I bet you do too but such an issue has no real answer. Every person on this earth is unique and valued, hence every issue has its own unique solution. What is learned can be unlearned. What seems to be an addiction can be reversed the same way it was created gradually. There is never a dead end, a brick that is always something psychologically built by yourself and not others.

Here is what I think links everything together: I think that once you discover your value you will see how that is the first step, the foundation from which good things will come to be. Here is the proof: The opposite is exactly true, once you lose your self respect and value that’s the initial trigger towards a very dark road: a road of severe mistakes, weakness, and addiction. Both roads are the same in format, it’s just that each lead to different destinations.

This year I finished college, got a good job that will harbor and increase my talents, but most of all throughout this year I’ve been bombarded with “Life Slaps” every single day. Most of these slaps or problems aren’t my own, but I bear their weight and responsibility on a moral level. I thank God everyday for these opportunities to learn and try to help others as much as possible without expecting anything in return. A giver is always a winner…winning everything that everyone on this Earth is looking for…their inner value.


Today’s track is one of my favorites ever, my favorite line is “You don’t know half of the abuse” This is very personally heavy for me because this year I discovered many skeletons hidden behind the innocent masks everyone wears. No one is 100% the way you think they are. Everyone has skeletons…Everyone has their experiences…Everyone has their abuse.


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