Show The World They Were Wrong


Here’s today’s track… my favorite line from it is “Show the world they were wrong”


Today’s post is revolving around that one line from the above track: “Show the world they were wrong”. We all have our limits, our boundaries, and most of all limits and boundaries placed by others. Something I’ve learned over the years is that no one can ever put boundaries upon you. If you get that out of your way, you’ll have the biggest obstacle in your life left, and that is the limits and boundaries you put on yourself. Everything is in your head. That moment you feel everyone is doubting you, be sure that you doubted yourself first inviting others to do so. A bully will never bully you unless you give them the initial invitation. You are your worst suppressor. So here is my mentality from now on… No one can tell me where my capabilities end, No one can judge me for the decisions I make, No one has the right to interfere with my affairs in anyway, and No one can see me as a failure as long as I don’t consider myself one. Actually let people view you the way you are because in the end they will not live your life for you, only you can do that. Personally I live by one quote which helped me a lot. It helped me because naturally in Egypt, people talk…A LOT. Any sign of weakness or error from you and you’l automatically be turned to the subject of the day as a failure. So…here is my quote “Kill’em with success and bury them with a smile“. Live by this quote because success is not only being a good financial provider, it’s a whole ocean of meaning to each one of us uniquely.

My family never really respected me as a “Man”, and that word has tons of meanings to each of us but to me a “Man” is a guy who can stand up and back up his decisions fully. I never had that respect from my family until recently when I started to live my life responsibly/independently and focus on the essential parts of life such as financials, family relations, friends, job experiences, etc… Before all that, I was nothing more than a subject for family gatherings to abuse. I had everything wrong with me, I was a spoiled brat but a quiet one. Not a good canvas to start building a life upon where the foundations were never there hence my current struggle. Being this lost is actually great because you get to really take on the journey of life and the journey of yourself as well. No one really cares 100% for you, and no one will live your life for you, so take the lead and do the one thing no one on earth can claim: No one can be better at being you than you. Build yourself. Create the empire that is yourself even if it’s built one grain at a time.




Meen Byghany?


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