I grew up pretty happy and stress free till I graduated college. There was this magical feeling you get as a child and even as a teenager…a sense of freedom and no major responsibilities. Why when we grow up we need to stress ourselves? It seems no adult has a stress-free life and there is always some sort of tension every part of your day. I don’t know where this post is going, but maybe I want to live happy as an adult stress-free.

Lets try and pinpoint where this stress comes from as an adult: obviously financial stress, stress from others who are close to you and therefore you share their stress and problems, stress of doing something with your life and wanting to upgrade yourself all the time, and the stress of giving up empowering your daily routine till it eats you up eventually. These are the reasons I can think of, if you got more reasons as a fresh graduate write them in the comments below. I know as a family member you have much more stresses such as your children’s education, safety, health, etc… But I’m talking as a fresh graduate who is trying to build pillars for his life initially. I think we all mix up these pillars and don’t see the good behind them. You see your job as a living hell of repetition and routine when you could just change that perspective to a more long term one where you see your job as a blessing that allows you to provide and allows you to enhance your abilities. Its all a matter of perspective. Another pillar would be your family and close friends with their issues that also stresses you out. Change that perspective and maybe try to grow out of that first person bubble. Imagine yourself in a third person view of yourself…there’s no need to stress yourself out because just as much as who ever you care for have an issue, you stressing over that won’t really help that issue get solved. In order to relieve that stress on that victim and yourself, you need a clear mind to think and a third person perspective to reach solutions then relief.

One pillar that myself and probably many others forfeit is the happiness pillar. We all get too dedicated to a life plan that we never set for ourselves that we lose that innocence we had as children. As a child you don’t have any stress or issues so you gain a certain mentality of freedom and constant relief, but that’s because you’re a child. Why can’t you have that same mentality as an adult even with all the stress and problems you naturally gain as an adult? I’m not arguing that as an adult you should leave all your responsibilities behind to relax, no I’m arguing that the child mentality you had shouldn’t ever dissolve away when you gain issues and responsibilities. Today I was driving to work with the music at maximum volume. I looked on the car to my right and noticed someone very excited and waving his hand to me with a very child like happiness. When I took a closer look, I found it to be my doorman’s son who just got a job as a taxi driver. This adult is always in a serious mood…and he cleans my car everyday. Just the coincidence of him seeing me outside of where he sees me normally everyday, he was as happy as a child. That’s the happiness I’m looking for. This small tiny coincidence could have naturally been: He sees me, acts like he didn’t and simply drives away. But that simple smile, hand wave, and calling out my name in the middle of traffic…that’s priceless. We should all have that mentality, and yes even though it’s the mentality of a child, it’s the mentality of happiness. Which is a huge pillar if you really want to live, and after all how many times can we really live?

Arguably there are hundreds of pillars, but for me I like to focus on a few that would help me reach happiness even though I consider happiness a pillar by itself and an ultimate goal as well achieved through other pillars.




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