Look, Observe, and Notice.

Being the person that I am, I really enjoy observing. Looking around, taking a step back, and most of all judging others (Which is horrible and awesome at the same time). I like to observe so much nowadays to the extent that I completely abandoned what I normally do and just took a break from all the technology and started looking around me.

Today I’m walking out to get a crepe for myself. The neighborhood where my work is at, there are many crepe houses and they are all very competitive hence they really like to fill that crepe up and make it all juicy and rather… voluptuous. (I know this particular word might not be suitable for food, but that’s how their crepes are) They take a while to finish one crepe, so I sit and watch. I watch the street, the crepe house customers (Without being a pedo stalker), the content that Egyptian TVs offer to the public and how sexually based it’s all becoming, all the drooling guys watching Egyptian TV music videos in the crepe shop. There’s so many things you can notice if you detach your attention from a screen.

Coming on the previous sentence, I’d like to enhance that ability for myself. I really enjoyed having a walk today with no music banging at my ears. I actually enjoyed the minimal natural ambiance still around today. I enjoyed leaving my phone  at my work office and putting aside all forms of technology. As soon as detached myself from technology, the first thing I noticed (Other than the awesome calmness and self relaxation that nature implements) is how attached most people around me are to technology. It’s a bit sad, especially when you realize you’re probably worse than them all when I normally spend around 9 hours 5 days a week in front of a laptop in my job, and once that bodily torture is done, I go home to do the same thing to myself with over 4 hours of gaming on a normal day to day level. I am attached to a screen and I need to break free.

I think the best people on earth are the quiet ones. The ones who observe. The ones who are truly strong and have a voice with minimal decibels needed to deliver their voice and get it understood. The non-sheep. The people who stand out and shine beyond the herd. The people who see themselves on another level of being among everyone else. Be that person and start with yourself. Do something new and non-synthetic. Stop and analyze your habits.  Look around and maybe you might see something negative that resembles yourself which you need to work on. Know that it is very hard to change your perspective from first to third person in order to analyze yourself efficiently. Notice that you are not perfect just because you are a some what neutral person.

Neutral is not good.

“No one is not going to judge you for not being the hero.” – Maisie Williams (iBoy Movie)

I’m not asking you to be a hero…I’m not asking you to not be judged… I’m asking you to be yourself beyond technology and that is the hero you are meant to be…


In Time…



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