You and Your Tolerance.

Today, I was very uncomfortable. I saw a homeless man. I took a picture of him, but I will not post it because it is too horrific; instead I’ll try to describe him for your imagination to run with it. This man was reduced both physically and psychologically. We all reduced this man. I never thought I’d see someone with frostbite, this man had 2 toes completely dead. At first, he was sitting on the floor leaning his back on an electricity generator. His eyes were completely shut both of them as if he was blinded. At first my friends and I did not notice him until he threw a bunch of coins on the floor. We were at a cafe on the street. He threw these coins viciously and everyone around looked at him awkwardly. It was very uncomfortable to be close to him or even see him in your line of sight. He was an old man, eyes closed shut, super skinny legs, and his wrinkled face had one expression of a person about to burst in to tears. He wasn’t begging, he didn’t care, and he just lost all hope…all humanity. He was looking around him with his eyes completely shut closed. Someone gave him a sandwich, he took a bite and threw the sandwich away in front of him. He got disgusted by the taste of food probably because he’s been used to eating God knows what. I kept staring at this man, thinking how can I help him. All I had was 50 pounds on me and I’m sure money wouldn’t satisfy him nor help him. I felt ashamed when the first default action that came to me was to look away. Completely ignore a homeless, helpless, and insane person sitting 5 feet away from me on the floor. This is what inspired me to write. That feeling of being superior to others, that feeling of ignorance and complete disregard to the needy. That feeling that both of us are not equals.

This man has gone beyond being in need of anything. This man lost his mind, lost his humanity, lost his ability to communicate, lost probably everything, and most of all lost hope in us all and himself. This man simply had no where to go and probably was physically unable to go anywhere. This man was wishing to die.

I haven’t ever thought I’d see someone downgraded to this extent. Zombies have a purpose, this man didn’t. Animals have a purpose, even if it’s just to survive; this man didn’t. This man is a product of us all. He is a product of how society and media segregate us all and divide us in to factions. We are all programmed to ignore these peoples’ existence. We live in denial that these people even exist. This man was beyond help. Beyond communicating with. This man lost his human-ship, if that’s a word.

The worst possible feeling I could ever imagine for myself is to not be in control. Now I have completely abandoned that thinking and realized we are all actually under the control of social norms and cultural corrupt values. You aren’t in control even if you think you have any form of control. We are all infected with this disease of ignorance and tolerance to not doing what we know deep inside is right. For this man, there was nothing right to do. I couldn’t help him in anyway, and I come back to think that I am not in control even of how I can help others who are beyond help.

This man randomly, after a long period of time having his eyes completely shut, looked straight at me. His eye lids opened slightly to reveal the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Eyes that spoke to my soul. This man was so weak he couldn’t keep his eye lids open for a mere few seconds.

I don’t know where I’m going with this post, but all I know is how I felt witnessing something dogmatic like this. All I can say is it is time we broke our cycles. It is time we look around us in every hidden alley. It is time we see what we did to the world and how much doing nothing can truly affect someone.


“No one will blame you for not being the hero” – iBoy (Movie)

No one is asking you to be a hero, I’m just telling you that doing nothing will ALWAYS have an impact on someone or something.


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