Read. Practice. Grow.

Life is not easy… We’re all here to learn from our every step and every breath. You will get slammed on the floor, slapped on the face, and buried alive. But that’s all in the greater scheme of things, if you want to see it that way. Why are you here? Why are we all here?  It’s definitely not to go to school, then work, then die. We’re here to evolve ourselves mainly. This for me personally is the hardest thing to do. To break the cycle of society and do your own thing. Who are you? or rather what are you? Am I a doer? Am I a follower? Am I a mere sheep in the farm that is society?

To find myself, I need to look away first… Look from different perspectives and look at surrounding environments. Currently I’m part of a toxic environment which will never encourage self development but rather self destruction. I’m not telling you to be healthy and start going to the gym, I’m telling you to use everything that is against you to build your inner soul. Build an empire inside of you first before building it outside. There are many tools to build your inner empire, and they are different for each and every one of us but here are some ideas. For me I would think my inner empire would be build on knowledge, faith, calmness, and pain. Each in their respective order of value. Use everything to build yourself on the inside. Once that is felt to be sufficient, then its time for the fun… It’s time to build your outer empire.

That outer empire is by far the best thing you will ever accomplish in life. It is the legacy you leave behind, it is the proof that you existed at some point in time. It is the earthly influence you will have. For me I will literally build an empire. I want to be that guy who has everything materialistic but actually values every single item he’s got. I want to be that guy who has inner peace, and outer luxuries. Might seem a bit much but that’s why I decided I’m here. I want to learn Yoga, I want to have 2 cars, I want to get married to an awesome personality and a happy positive gal, I want to have a house with a pool in my backyard, I want so many things and I’m not willing to get them when I’m elderly.

Last month I was willing to kill myself working and making money to marry this girl I loved and been with over 5 years. Was willing to work 18-20 hours a day for her. In the end she dumped me, and got married to a doctor who is probably making less money than I am now, but the fact is it was a great lesson for me to learn how to prioritize my efforts. Lesson: Never do anything for anyone but yourself. You are your goal. Also never invest your trust in anyone fully. Life is funny at times. If there was a handbook to what not to do to avoid pain, you still wouldn’t learn practically; and the best teacher you can have is life. This girl I was with, I wouldn’t say she’s a gold digger, not at all, but she’s more of a practical gal. So I still wish her all the happiness she can find and more, and I thank her for all the life lessons she made me go through the hard way. I would say your first major break up is when you are really reborn, not because they truly never work out, but because they truly show you who you were. When you see who you were now you have the knowledge to know what NOT to be and therefore ultimately grow better. I cried a lot, and I found no one to hold my hand or even tell me that everything is going to be fine, but one person I found was myself who assured me subconsciously that I will come stronger out of this and rebuild that base I always needed to flourish upon spiritually, mentally, and earthly as-well.

Money is the source of many things, including happiness. But no one said that happiness means inner peace. Money does buy happiness, but money will never buy inner peace. We all need that peace. So for me I’ll make sure money is not an issue for me, and I’ll be sure to always be happy because I owe that to myself. To do so it’s very easy, all I need to do is never rely on one source of income. For me the best amount, are three income sources which are different and each supporting the other. Never belittle the amount one source is getting you. What matters is that there is a flow of income, no matter the size of the income, and there is growth in each and every source. One thing that school and college taught me is that anyone can teach themselves what ever they want. School and college is probably this century’s biggest scam ever, but for me what it taught me which was non-academic is priceless. The benefit to know over 12 years that to truly study is to practice, and to truly understand is to read, and to truly thrive is to pursue at your own will… well these lessons in life are priceless and they are all what I benefited from during my academic career. I’m a Mass Communication graduate and I’m awesome at what I do not because I studied it in college, but because I flourished practicing it during my college career on my own time as-well and off campus. Read. Practice. Grow.


Similar to this blog, you’re life’s title will never be written before the blog’s content itself. I can never start writing a blog and start with writing the title even though I know exactly what I’m feeling and what I’m going to be writing about. Once you get immersed in your life’s blog, then and only then can you write your title, and that title will be your legacy. Good Luck !



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