We are here to Lose, and sometimes Win.

The loudest person in the room is always the weakest. Something I’ve noticed in general in life… is that you will not always win. On the contrary, we all have to lose and that’s the universe’s way of telling you that you are here for a reason. You are here to lose… and sometimes win.

Something I’ve noticed in many online games I play… is that everyone has a role, especially in team based online games. You do your part. Sometimes you do more than is needed from you. Your team mates not only don’t do their basic tasks, no some of them do worse than the basic requirements of them. Yet the tide turns against you. You get blamed for others’ failures. I was with a team one match… that called me a flamer because they said I was not good… yet I was the only one in my team with kills accomplished and objectives being pushed. I did not insult anyone, I just stated each of their roles and said their negative scores and stats out loud. I got penalized… reported and currently chat blocked as a result of stating their faults without insult. It is very interesting how people throw blame. I’m not complaining, I really don’t care anymore for what games mean  which is pretty sad since many gain prestige and self esteem from behind their screens. I remember I played Silk road and I had very… primitive gear yet I won against my server’s top players who spend thousand of pounds to gain rare items. I wanted to prove that money can’t buy skill and I proved just that. But I would PVP (Player VS Player) and global (Public chatting) so that everyone in the server would watch my PVP. We’re talking one server having 3,500 online players… many of them come to watch me prove my point. Yet when I win, I’d see my opponents neglect the results, protect their dignity so much from behind a screen, even respond via global chats with blatant lies. That’s when I decided to shift my video editing skills into more gaming related videos, so when ever someone lied about me not beating them, I’d just post the you tube link. Point behind all this is I truly believe people behave behind their screens the same manner they would in real life. Online games taught me so much, I would definitely encourage my future children to try gaming (If they can control the hours they spend online).

Away from gaming, let’s notice something that we all do… we all care how we look to others… we don’t really need to impress but we really care how we look to others. I think that can be used in a more healthy manner. If we remove that “Coolness” factor, we can really build upon a pure base which is God given for all of us and that’s basic human condition and nature without the conditioning of media and society. Anyway, going back to the initial point of loosing…  I think we lose because we have potential. No one wins 100% and no one looses 100% either, we probably lose 5% but we give too much negative value to that loss that we cannot learn anything from it and end up turning a 5% loss in to a 100% loss. I believe there is no such thing as failure. Only real failures are non-worldly, and they are actually only in your head. It’s so interesting to notice that everything dogmatic for you will always be in your head. You’re still alive, and you’re healthy with a roof over your head; yet your mind can get you down so much… defeated and feeling like a failure. So let’s do that one thing that society won’t allow us to, and that is control that mind of ours that doesn’t seem to think rationally for it’s own and think rather programmed by media and society. Think critically. Think rationally. Get your mind on the same page with your personal and most intimate interests in life. What is it you want? (I’m not talking about that American sports car you always wanted, I’m talking about what you want to do on this earth while you’re still here) This is not a typical mind vs heart dilemma, no this has nothing to do with your heart or how you ever felt. This has everything to do with all of your programmed and non-programmed cognitive functions.

So I guess the whole point of this blog is… losing is fine. Losing is good. Just put your mind at ease and stop it from over exaggerating the true value of failures. Learn from failures and use them. Control your mind and try to trace back the origin that started your natural reactions to negative events; if the origin isn’t from yourself then you need to rethink how your default reactions should be.



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