Me, Escape.

Our reality I would say most people do not enjoy and probably do not like it one bit. We all have our faults, and downfalls even. But I think one common thing we all have is how we manage to co-exist with the life we’ve been given which doesn’t please us. Our lives are a bit beyond our control due to many factors such as the media, and therefore we lead unfulfilled lives which lead to some form of escape for all of us. We all dream big. We all want success and happiness, but we don’t understand what they are because we’re spoon fed to believe what society wants us to label these terms resulting in completely lost individuals who seek comfort in the way they escape their reality.

Me personally, I escape my reality through video games. Online games are all always where a virtual reality is created and I get to create a character from scratch on my own terms. It’s an open world virtually as well which means there’s tons of space for discovery and learning. I guess I like these games because once I login to them, I log out of my own life. I get to pretend I got full control and get to change what ever I want when ever. And if I don’t feel pleased, well there’s simply a “Create New Character” button just like that.

Many people escape in their own ways. I’d say each method of escape is unconventional and unique to every person, but what’s interesting is to see how people escape their reality and what they choose to use to escape and that might give us a hint of how to fix reality by seeing how they escape. So by seeing what people choose to escape to, we can pin point hidden faults or weaknesses in their reality which might be the cause of their dilemma.

I can think of a few ways many people escape their reality: Alcohol consumption both responsibly and irresponsibly, smoking, eating, social media, sexual activities, etc… the list goes on and you can probably think of many yourself. My whole reasoning behind all these are that we all need that escape. We all need a break. Our subconscious mind knows and sees through everything media is feeding us and needs a change of pace. So we escape. Usually most of our escapes have huge negative impacts on us because we feel pain too easily and therefore the amount of hours we spend in our supposed escape are beyond healthy and sometimes beyond control. But what if you could use that pain in your favor? What if we could all escape in a very healthy manner. Maybe together. Maybe alone. Whole point is we all have to escape one way or another in this over whelming world but how you escape is what defines you.

Let’s say I escape every day to a virtual world where I am king there and I get to meet other people online and even make “cyber” friends. What does that say about my reality? Well, it says a lot of things: It might insinuate that I’m a socially awkward person or I have difficulty engaging with others, it might insinuate that I enjoy having some sort of power or influence on others in a virtual reality which might mean that in reality I feel weak, maybe I can’t stand or maintain a conversation out loud and prefer to do that aesthetically from behind a screen. The insinuations are a lot and we all need to make sure we notice each and every one of them because they are your solutions. They are the first part of the puzzle of why you escape in the first place. Now that I’ve pin pointed some reasons why I escape, well… it’s now time to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you see yourself as that socially awkward person with close ended answers: Yes or No. Write them all down. Make a visual representation of all your weaknesses so that you can start fixing them.

How do you fix yourself? If we all knew we would have already done that I’m sure. Each of us is a complex equation by itself which is ever growing and endless with no final solution. By doing the above and pin pointing our faults and being honest with ourselves, we get to replace some of the variables in our equation of life with solid figures. This will not solve the equation, but it will make the equation seem less difficult. (Would you rather have an equation to try to solve with 100 variables or 50?) By obtaining honest solid facts about yourself, you lower the amount of variables in that equation you call your life. Trust me, your life is not simple and it’s equation is ever expanding.

Well, okay  now I’ve obtained some variables I just recently discovered about myself, what do I do next? Simple, that’s up to you. You get to decide how to solve your equation, and every time you try to solve one variable of your equation; you enlighten yourself more and more by knowing who you were and are now. Ultimately this all leads to personal developments, and don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all escapes are wrong. Some escape through music which activates many areas of the brain which haven’t been previously stimulated. Some escape through fitness and exercise which benefits their health obviously…

Everyone has their method of escape but it’s our duty to be honest with ourselves and admit if we’re escaping through methods that affect us negatively or not.


A breeze from the distance is coming your way…


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