In My Mind, In My Head.

So this year has been very much of a roller coaster for me. Many losses, but the way I see them they’re all wins if I want them to be. One thing all these wins or losses taught me is how we got so many phases in life and how each phase has a very very different perspective than the next.

3 days ago the company I worked at for years closed. This event created a huge panic for all of my colleagues and myself. After we got the bad news, my work colleagues and I went to a local Starbucks and made a mini meeting trying to figure out what will we all do next. Right next to us were teenagers… in a  large group who were very loud and obnoxious. My work colleagues were very annoyed by them, but I was very interested to listen to what they were saying and shouting about. One of them was shouting about his Ex. Another one was shouting regarding problems at home with his little sister being annoying. A girl was complaining about her teachers at school. I was very intrigued to see how one location can hold 2 groups of human beings each with very significantly different problems. My group and I were basically broke, some of us had no money to pay rent, some owe money… and just beside us are a group who give that same serious panic to very seemingly minor issues. Perspective is key. I guess we were a whole life phase ahead of that other group, so maybe their issues were just as valued as ours… if you look at it from their perspective and life stage.

Another change of perspective… I lost a job 3 days ago which was my main source of income. I could have cried about it. I could have blamed everyone around me except myself. I could have reacted in many ways. Unusually enough I just went for a smoke. Cleared my head. A friend called with a job opportunity. Next day I was in an interview and got accepted for a better job with a much higher salary than my previous job. So you see it’s all a matter of perspective. Keep calm. Not everything will work out itself, but you’d damn be sure you’ll need a cool head to take on all challenges that life throws at you. Some of these challenges are for the best. Like a company shutting down and then the next day I get accepted in a much better and higher paying company. Let things happen. Have a cool head. Be calm and think what will you do next instead of pondering about your current situation.

One thing I’ve changed about my life style this year is that I’m always making sure my room is clean and tidy. Your room represents your mental state directly. I took down all my shutters and made sure my room is completely lighted when ever the sun is out. That kind of positive light is exactly what I need now. I want to do some more “Me” time. I want to open my windows above my bed, get a high cushion and start reading under the moon light. I want to clean my car myself without paying someone else to do so. I want to get my some new clothes and make sure I look handsome all the time. I want to start going to the gym either super early or super late when it’s not crowded and I can exercise alone in privacy and complete calmness. I want to start listening to the music albums I got on cassette from over 15 years ago. I want to do so many things for myself and start loving me for a change. And I think the first step to do that is to realize that everything in life happens for a good reason, and it’s none of my business to judge when that good will happen simply because I’m not God. It’s only up to me to trust that everything happens for a reason and that this whole life is not just an inanimate vegetable but a dynamic roller coaster of events which get you ready for a bigger event called your destiny and purpose.

Everything is in your mind and in your head. Your happiness has nothing to do with any earthly influence. Your success, your defeat, your everything is all in your mind. So lets farm our minds each in our own ways. For once you achieve that mentality you deserve, everything is yours.


Soak in everything that life gives you from blessings to troubles. Everything is yours, and everything will build you in some form or another you just have to see things right. Broaden your view, broaden your thinking, and expand your mind. When you do so you will pity many people around.

Music is the soul food of the mind, right after reading. I really suggest you find your most favorite tracks in all genres. Never limit yourself. Listen to all kinds of music, the same with reading. Enlighten your soul and free your mind in every way possible. Keep in mind almost everything in this modern earth is intoxicating and cancerous indirectly. So you need that medicine… that soul medicine to counter pollution, ignorance, politics, segregation, power abuse, absence of ethical and moral standards, social and cultural retardedness, lack of civil standards, etc…



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