Harder Is Always Better.

Image result for anvil wallpaperThe loudest person in the room is always the weakest? Is that true? Maybe not in Egypt. Egypt is one of those third world countries where ignorance is power type of places. Naturally speaking the loudest person in the room is the weakest, but they can also be the smartest… or rather street smartest in that same room.

Many times the tone of my voice gets me no where. Any place where you pay for service, the servers will not really give you any significance unless you shout out. Unless you mark your territory and presence. Unless you make your value known in a very immature and ignorant manner. Only then will you get the attention you only pay and expect for. That mentality… that many people want to be associated with the loudest person in the room… is just sad if you think about it. It’s that typical battle between good and evil, but evil usually has more power because anything evil is easier than anything good. Same with being loud somehow. It is too easy to be loud, and the results you obtain from being loud are so easy and bullying your need of anything upon someone. Weather that need is service, attention, changing someone’s opinion, anything really, you can probably shout in the face of an animal and they will get some form of idea to exactly what’s tilting you or what you want to convey.

For me in any fight in Egypt there are always 3 types of people: 1. The loud mouth no show. 2. The quiet fighter. and 3. The watcher. Each one is self explanatory, but let’s focus on the first one. The one that would probably be the one to start a fight, and would just be firing everybody up with direct insults and disgusting language. That person I bet you anything if you concentrate to when the fight actually begins, he will be the first one to leave the scene. He will never run away. He will sneak slowly away from the fight be probably started. Is that smart or not? To be that coward. People will never really notice that he wasn’t actually participating in the fight he started, they will only remember the cool and loud insults he issued earlier. Same with being loud in almost anything, people might not agree or even listen to your actual logic, but your tone itself is what will stick.

So what happened to civilized conversation and debates? Well let’s just say since evil is more popular than good, same with almost everything else. What ever is easiest and requires basal effort will usually strive. I’m a very calm person, yet I turn to a loud and obnoxious animal in any cafe where I always seem to need instant service. Why? Because that’s cool I guess? I’m not really sure why but I highly doubt it’s because I need attention from anyone since I’m a very secluded and gathered person. Attention really means nothing to me not because I’ve not been having it.. no but because I don’t see it’s value from a non-personal, non-intimate, non-1 on 1 private event. Yet I change, maybe because my surroundings require that. I can’t stand people that talk a lot, especially people that keep repeating something they already told me. Yet I wouldn’t have an issue with someone shouting at my face only because I’d probably change and shout back some rebuttal or an opinion which I know won’t really get decoded yet I’ll do it anyway in that same manner.

So here is where the whole point of this post will come. What happens when you insult someone’s family? Most people don’t really notice that when they insult someone’s family many things occur such as: You make your own family prone to multiple insults from others usually at much higher calibers of insult that what you initially said, you lower your ethical standards to that of hustlers, you lower your critical thinking and logical abilities to a minimal and turn to animal mode, and most of all what everyone will not notice is they actually embarrass themselves the most by creating a show for others to see or read about. You’ve put on your dancing gear and started your routine in the circus. You’ve allowed your standards to be lowered unwillingly by how others choose their easiest behavior. Make the right decision. Never chose the easy way because I guarantee you the hard way will use the same if not less effort. In most car rides, if u calculate the time taken for the same journey while there is traffic and while there isn’t, I bet you anything you’ll find both journeys took almost the same time. Yet we chose to do the easiest thing… complain and make an already difficult situation more difficult.

Do the right thing… Do the Hard thing. Don’t be loud yet don’t be silent. Don’t be a coward, yet don’t start fight. Calculate so you don’t need to complain.

An anvil will always do the right thing, the hardest it can possibly withstand, yet it will never change it’s shape…will never change what it is…


Today’s music suggestion is:                          MISSIO – Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea

Enjoy 🙂


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