Value, One Million Times.

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$1,000,000 Dollars. What would you do with that amount of money? Would you straight up spend it on your dream vacation? Would you get that sleek S500 Mercedes you always wanted? Would you buy a house on the beach? Well we all have our dreams, and sooner or later we all come to the agreement that money does buy happiness. But what if there is another perspective to happiness?

My perspective is that yes money will always buy happiness because money isn’t the happiness itself but the tool you use to get something that makes you happy. Hence the big question… What type of happiness you urge for? Long term or short term? For me it’s always long term happiness and for that reason I would never spend that $1M on one thing or even on 10 things that make me happy. No. I would invest it in long term happiness… aka… more money income.

Money is important, it’s basically the soul purpose that we humans created to keep ourselves occupied and to class each other. So let’s play this game of paper that solely controls our existence. Everything comes and goes, especially money. Spend that $1M on that dream mansion you wanted, and that’s it… your money is gone. That mansion can burn down in one day, anything can happen and just as easy as you got that amount of money it can all be lost in an instant. Everything comes and goes. Easy come easy go. And even if you didn’t obtain it easily, it can still be gone in an instant. So here’s my opinion on such matters, any income you get, you save 30% of, invest 50% of it to get more money, and spend the remaining 20%. One thing I’ve learned from being a gamer is that one source of income isn’t enough and isn’t efficient. The more sources you have the better, and the more automated sources the more efficient you will be. Put your money in a bank that gives 10% + interest every 3 months. Invest in an automated money making system. Read and research.

If you think about it, if you engage everything with that perspective in life… with a perspective of investment, saving, and controllable spending you will find success. If you invest in a  relationship 50% which isn’t too much or too little, you shall find balance and peace. Think of anything in your life… going to the gym, reading, taking risks, anything… just approach it with a mentality of investing 50% to make it better and more efficient. Putting 100% in anything isn’t smart. And being a fat ass and putting 0% isn’t smart either. Middle ground always wins.

Once you invest a healthy amount in your money or income to increase it’s capacity, know that you are buying your happiness. That might sound bad, but it isn’t. More money, more happiness and don’t think of happiness as in getting everything materialistic you always wanted. Happiness through money can be that alone time you always needed with your wife. It can be feeding that homeless person you see everyday going to your job. It can be that public school you went to which is run down now and outdated needing your aid. It can be everything if you want it to.

One last thing, why are we here? Ultimately it’s to make money through your entire life. You and I spend our lives running after money. Working hard for a piece of paper which doesn’t really have value other than our belief in it. During WW2 inflation was so high it was cheaper to burn German currency than to spend that money to buy material to burn for warmth. Money is just a piece of paper backed up not by gold, but by the amount of value you give it. Such as the Dollar being the lead currency on earth yet the USA is trillions of dollars in debt, and even the federal reserve isn’t really American and is a private entity. Everything’s value is always what you give it, hence this perspective of what is money? It is happiness. It is purpose. It is helping others.


It is bettering your world, and others’ because we all have our individual worlds and our demons.

So what would you do with $1M?



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